Nemesis Audio

PC-PRO Audio Workstation

The Nemesis PC-PRO is a high specification rack-mountable computer, designed primarily for efficient audio playback and recording. Designed with live productions in mind, the PC-PRO is based around a fast Intel Processor with large RAM, and contains separate System and Audio Solid State Drives (SSDs) for ultra-fast performance, as well as a large data drive perfect for multi-track recordings. Quiet operation is achieved with low noise fans, high quality heat sink components and a low noise Power Supply, allowing the unit to be run at FOH positions with no offensive noise.

The Nemesis PC-PRO also features a Dual-Boot System Drive, via front panel drive bays. This enables designers to create a complete backup of the system drive onto a second drive in case of OS corruption, hardware failure or data loss. The systems are ideal to run show control software such as CSC, SFX or Ableton, or multi-track recording software such as Steinberg Nuendo Live or Adobe Audition. The Nemesis PC-PRO can be equipped with a range of audio interfaces, either external or internal via Firewire/PCI/PCIe.


 » Sturdy Ventilated 4u Rack Mount Case - perfect for full-size PCIe cards
 » Removable Drive Caddies
 » 250GB SSD System + 120GB Audio + 2TB standard hard drive
 » Atleast 3Ghz intel i5 Processor
 » Configurable as 4GB or 8GB of RAM
 » Low Noise Cooling
 » Dual Output Graphics Card
 » DVD Writer

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