"Messages From Radio World" Communication Software

Many large scale productions or events will have a sound team consisting of much more than just a FOH operator. Radio Mic runners, for example, are commonplace backstage in theatre. In the moments when vital pieces of information need to be relayed between FOH and backstage, standard solutions like walkie-talkies and headset comms systems are not practical solutions, either because noise would not be acceptable FOH or because noise levels at FOH are too high to efficiently communicate. 'Messages from Radio World' is a simple, network based software messaging solution to provide FOH-Backstage communication with many built in features to attract attention and make messaging quick and easy.

Key features:
 » Simple UDP networking requiring no server or configuration
 » Selectable Network interface for multi-NIC setup
 » Cross-platform use with native Mac and Windows Clients
 » Bright screen flashing for attracting attention
 » Auto-clear functionality for quick message entry
 » Shortcuts keys for frequently used messages
 » Programmable User Defined Messages
 » Log messages for review at a later time