Nemesis Audio

DMXVF Video Fader

The Nemesis DMXVF is a Dual Channel DMX Controlled Video Fader, designed to allow users to restrict light emission levels from monitor screens - particularly those mounted in an auditorium - when darkness is required during a production. By retaining a sync signal during a blackout the unit avoids the 'Signal Lost' message which would otherwise be shown on modern LCD screens.

Key Features:

  • 2 × Independent video channels
  • In-built 4-output Video Distribution Amplifier per channel
  • Fades input signal to black while retaining sync signal
  • DMX control operation with thru
  • Built-in testing features when DMX is unavailable
  • 1U rack mount unit
  • Composite video
  • Each channel controlled by the same or separate DMX Address
  • Front Panel LCD display showing current DMX status and user configurable options
  • DMX control operation configurable to allow unit to work as a video mixer/fader(max DMX = max video) or video blackout (max DMX = video blackout)
  • 1U Rack Mount unit with 75Ω Video BNC In/Out, 5-pin XLR DMX Connection with Link-thru




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