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Purpose designed for the Drive-In market the Car-Link series delivers high quality stereo sound with deep bass capable of accurately reproducing modern movie soundtracks and live music performances, without compromise.

Audiences are accustomed to, and rightly expect, sound of the quality they would achieve at home with a modern stereo system, and Car-Link delivers just that, scaled to the proportions of a vehicle.

Car-Link is a wireless, true stereo, battery powered rechargeable loudspeaker that solves an age old problem - how to get consistent, quality and reliable audio into mass drive-in events without wires.

Charging, distribution and storage are all covered by integrated 50 bay wheeled cases. Simply pop off the lid, connect one power feed and 50 units recharge up automatically, ready to be handed out from the integral case.

Car-Link Carbon Car-Link Retail
Audio Motorsport Carbon finish AcoustaBox
Full stereo spacial sound
2 × 2.5" anodized aluminium cone HF drivers -
2 × 2.0" anodized aluminium cone HF drivers -
1 × 3" aluminum cone bass passive radiator
Power 2 × 44w high efficiency class E amplifiers 2 × 44w high efficiency class E amplifiers
SPL (peak) 103db 106db
SPL (constant) 96db 96db
Frequency Response 50hz > 20khz 50hz > 20khz
Latency Delay 2.4ms fixed 2.4ms fixed
Volume Control 14mm, front mounted, EasyGrip 14mm, front mounted, EasyGrip
Unique car ID -
Interface Integral touchscreen - 5.71 inch full 64 bit colour
Resolution - 1520 × 720 (720p)
Navigation Control - Car-Link Touchscreen control
Operating interface Manual Car-Link ver1.1
Client customizable front panel graphic Client option * -
Client customizable home screen - Client option *
Auto fade to black -
Auto fade to dim - Client option *
Auto fade to Client home screen - Client option *
Interactive Default menu buttons - Food / Drink / Merchantice / Tickets / Whats On / Sitemap / About
Client optional menu buttons - 4 *
Payment Payment Options - ApplePay, PayPal, VISA, Mastercard *
Security - 128 Bit secure encrypted
General Operational battery life 8 hours 12 hours
Charging system Separate 110v > 240 AC Separate 110v > 240 AC
In-Car 12v DC Charge port - -
Recharge time (0% > 100%) 4 hours 6 hours
Recharge time (30% > 90%) 90 minutes 90 minutes
Power switch Rear mounted Rear mounted
Low battery warning Discreet Tri-Coloured LED Discreet Tri-Coloured LED
Dimensions (hwd) 85mm × 125 / 225mm × 140mm 104mm × 175 / 258mm × 170mm
Weight 2.7kg 3.4kg